Welcome to lwsk's website

Congratulations, you have successfully reached lwsk's website; a dark and secret area - quite as much as the darknet - populated by a man's creations, hiding behind his nickname.

Who is he?

lwsk is a French guy, living somewhere on the planet. He doesn't enjoy life like anyone else, but he find usefulness in creating useless things. Internet is his favorite place to share his stuff, even if no visitors come by. But that isn't a problem at all. The simple idea of being accessible is enough for him. Wannabe nerd, lwsk is constantly trying to learn new things, and his biggest challenge is to be able to finish something.

What will I found here?

Bits and pieces. French and English (be warned!). Visual and literal.

Enjoy browsing into a man's public mind.

Can I contact him?

Sure. Watch the bottom of this page.