10,000,000 digits of Phi (gold number)

Phi is a wonderful number. It was historically used as a ratio for a wide variety of art, and it's one of the most found mathematical constant in nature.

I tried to use my computer to find as much digits as possible. After creating a Python algorithm, I tried to do some optimization to reach more and more digits.

As for now, 10,000,000 digits have been computed (that took quite the time), and are now published online.

Since such a large chunk of text could not be displayed on a browser (I tried and my kernel crashed out of memory overflow), there's a dynamic loading (thanks AJAX) each time you reach the bottom of the page.

Of course, you can also download the text file with all digits. Be sure to open it with a text editor made for handling large files.

Please be aware that the number is not verified by any mathematical authority (I'd like to, actually).

Click here to reach phi's website.